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Specialty Tanks, Spheres


The spheres are one of our more specialized tanks that are used on trailers/nurse trailers. The advantage of using this type of tank and trailer combination is that it has a shorter wheel-base which means less sloshing and the design of the tank allows for easy mixing of product.

Gallon CapacityDiameterOverall HeightFill OpeningOutlet/Drain
Heavy Weight
Part No. White
AvailHeavy Weight
Part No. Blue
525 62" 64" 16"-(63485) N/A 44878 L 44879 L
1000 78" 82" 16"-(63485) N/A 43672 L 41440 L
1100 78" 86" 16"-(63485) N/A 44347 L 44346 L
Availability Key: A=All; B=St.Bonifacius, MN; C=Lancaster, OH; D=Griffin, GA; E=Shawnee, OK; F=Tooele, UT; G=Owego, NY; H=Washougal, WA; I=Sheldon, IA; L=Hanford, CA; T=Fairfield, TX

Tank dimensions and capacities may vary slightly and are subject to change without notice.