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Valves, Couplers, Fittings & Lids FAQ's

When bulkhead fittings are installed at the factory, a torque wrench with a special adapter is used to tighten them.  Sometimes the fittings loosen and it may be necessary to tighten them.  Without a torque wrench, our recommendation is to hand tighten the nut and then give it another 1/4 to 1/2 turn.  Do not over tighten as this may pinch the gasket and cause the fitting to leak.

The EPDM gasket is 60 durometer and the Viton gasket is 70. 

If the liquid in the valve freezes it will expand and may crack the valve.  If the liquid does not freeze at 32 degrees it will operate at the below freezing temperatures but could be damaged from sudden line pressure changes.

The materials used in the bolted and single union valves do not have a UV rating and no additional UV protection materials have been added.  The valves are black which gives them very good natural UV protection. 

The couplers are made dimensionally to the mil-C-27847 specs.  The exceptions are the ½” couplers which is made to the ¾” specs and the 1-1/4” that is made to the 1-1/2” specs.

Yes.  Silicone is not used in the mold release or in any of the manufacturing processes.

There are many variables that include the gallons per minute, screen mesh size, viscosity of the liquid and if the screen is clean or partially plugged.  Assuming the liquid is water, the screen is 40 mesh and clean and the following gallons per minute is flow rate, the pressure drop will be approximately 5 psi.

 1/2"  6
 3/4"  10
 1"  15
 1-1/4"  30
 1-1/2"  35
 2"  60
 3"  150

Rectorseal #7 is a soft set thread sealant that seals very well but still allows the fitting to be disassembled at a later date if desired.  This sealant is for pipe threads in general so can be use for valves, couplers and tank fittings.

Silicone should never be used on a fitting gasket.  The gasket will seal best when the fitting area of the tank, the fitting and the gasket are all dry.


Silicone can be used but we also have an Ethafoam gasket available.  The Ethafoam gasket is made of 1.7# black expanded polyethylene which will have the same chemical compatibility as the polyethylene tank.  Norwesco has this gasket available for the 8", 10" and 16" rings.  The 16" and 22" hinged lids come standard with a ring to tank gasket.